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If you’ve heard of it, it’s not a surprise!

You always look around at what others are doing or seeing and get influenced by them. Nothing wrong in it as long as you’re headed the right way.

Makes perfect sense! Informational social influence!!

Fruits are the most natural and nutritious food available to man, because they contain high amounts of sucrose, fructose, and glucose.

Your body uses them for energy. It energises your cells for stronger immunity. It helps you lose weight the right way.

Fruits also contain a wide variety of vitamins, minerals and enzymes and help your body and vital functions run every single day.

There is a right way and a wrong way to eat fruit. When you consume a fruit immediately after a meal, the fruit reaches your stomach and start decomposing with food which already is there in your stomach from the previous meal.

Now, your stomach has to produce more acids and fruits decompose quickly.

They become more acidic and most of the nutrients in the fruit now get destroyed.

So, the best time to eat fruit is on an empty stomach or at least 45 minutes before your meal so that the fruit digests and reach your intestine by the time you eat your next meal, keeping your stomach clean and clear to digest and produce the acids it needs for cooked non-veg and veg foods.

The right way to eat a fruit is in the whole form. When you juice a fruit, most of the vitamins, minerals, and enzymes get destroyed in the juicing process and it reaches your stomach too quickly because you swallow it.

If you should drink the juice, sip it slowly, that way you let it mix with your saliva before swallowing it.

When you eat a whole fruit, the digestive enzymes contains in your saliva helps to break down sucrose, fructose and glucose in the right way.

Whereas, if you had a juice, the enzymes in the saliva doesn’t have the time to break it down and in many cases people will have overload of fructose in the body and sometimes that can lead to high uric acid.

Hence the reason why you need to eat a fruit in its whole.

You need the fibre, the fibre in the fruit is very, very important for your body during digestion. It prevents constipation and maintains good and bad gut bacteria.

Fruits have detoxifying capabilities in the human body and that can be felt only it had on an empty stomach.

You can even go on a 3-day fruit fast to cleanse your body.

Try eating fruits and drinking fruit juice throughout the 3 days. You will be surprised when your friends tell what it has done to your body!

All fruits become alkaline in your body and you want digestion in an alkaline environment. It keeps your pH balance in check.

But when it’s mixed with food, it becomes highly acidic and it putrefies in the stomach and thats one of the reasons why many people bloat up their stomach and they have feelings of flatulence and indigestion if they follow a meal immediately with a fruit.

It decomposes and produces acid and loses all its health benefits & nutrition that it has.

And eat fruit that are local to your geography, local to your country or local to the place where you stay in, because fruits that are imported - they are plucked much before they are ripe, so they don’t have complete nutrition.

Also, since they are plucked unripe, they are sprayed with chemicals and pesticides to quickly and unnaturally ripen the fruit and you end up consuming a fruit with less nutrient and more pesticides.

So, the way to avoid is to stick the fruits that are local to your place and that are grown in the right season.


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