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It may not be a touchy subject to begin with!

Digestion is the corner stone of your health and you have to empty out your pipes every single day.

And it’s super important for you to not to rely on pills!

If you don’t clean out your digestion, what you get is a whole bag of toxins fermenting in your body and absorbing into your blood stream, and slowly but surely this leads to a whole lot of medical conditions such as bloating, feeling of heaviness, bad breath, body odour, allergies, poor sleep, fatigue, etc.

According to Ayurveda and Chinese medicine, every single disease can be traced back to digestion.

Fortunately, you have all the tools to fix your digestion.

What’s in your toilet bowl will give you a great insight into what’s going on with your health.

We hate to talk about it. During a lifetime, the average person produces roughly five tons of poop.

The texture does matter!

Be it watery, hard, fluffy, sticky, or lumpy. Each of these conditions have a very specific indication of your diet / health.

By not talking about it, many digestive issues continue to go unaddressed.

Did you ever realised that you missed your poop window?

Every single time you hold your poop, you have blood capillaries that are attached to your large intestines and that sucks up bunch of toxins and gets reabsorbed.

In other words, your body is essentially drinking your poop.

Digestion is the common denominator for most of your health issues!

Most of you don’t consider yourself to be constipated despite having bowel movement couple of times a week or every other day. The reasons - low-fiber diets, limited fluid intake, impaired mobility, and cognitive disorders. The triggers - bad bacteria with sugar, processed foods, as well as pollution and alcohol.

You don’t want to tell anyone that you are holding in. And you need to get that regulated sooner than later.

Research says, people who are anxious and stressed are constipated.

Our digestive system has been touted as the second brain.

When you are stressed, the level of cortisol in your body increases and your digestifier (hydrochloric acid) decreases, but we need hydrochloric acid to break down food.

So, stress really impact how we poop, it’s as simple as that. Yes, diet do play its part as well.

Recent study says, people who are deficient in friendly bacteria have high level of cortisol and hence they are stressed.

Pencil Thin Poop

When you are stressed, your body is constricting and the same thing is happening to your large intestine and the major reason why you get pencil thin poop out.

So, what’s the remedy, magnesium, and it’s a muscle relaxant. You use up your magnesium when you are stressed.

Pellet Poop

This is one of the disappointing poops you can ever have!

How hard you squeeze or wiggle it, you get this pellet poop. And we all had it.

Reasons - dehydration and lack of fat.

Your poop is made up of 70% of water. If there’s not enough water in your body, what else do you think can push this puppy out.

Another fad we have today is low fat diet. You need fat to manufacture hormones, your brain is primarily made up of fat, and your cells are lined with fat.

Fat does not make you fat, but SUGAR does!

Loose Poop

What the hell is causing me to have this funky poop? You might be wondering.

It’s ergonomically correct when you squat to poop. Squatting is quite good to eliminate everything.

But we poop sitting on the modern toilet and it puts strain on your bowel. Try elevating your feet on to a small stool or something next time, that really helps.

Studies show that 25% of colon cancer originates in the sigmoid colon

Healthy Poop

It should go nice and easy. Should look like a dog’s tail.  And you should not have too much mucus left in the colon, which might indicate that your not eliminating fat properly.

Generally, you needn’t push or strain yourself during the process. It should be as effortless as peeing or passing some gas.

You can really invent your health by having healthy digestive system. This is truly the core of everything.

So, next time you lay your brick, before flushing the graphic evidence, please take a good look at your poop!



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