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Yes, your mom was right when she said to eat your greens! They say meditation is all about being in the moment, enjoying what you do. This applies to food habits as well. Unfortunately, we are not living in the moment of doing a particularly activity as we worry too much about what happens next and forget to enjoy what you do; even when you are drinking or eating. We swallow when we are supposed to chew and enjoy. We gulp or chug when we are supposed to sip and enjoy. This brings us to an interesting notion. The good part about it is, there are plenty that you can do that is well within your control. And the benefit you get out of it is priceless! Okay great! What is it about? Live in the moment and enjoy the moment! Try drinking your food and chewing your water and enjoy every bit of it. Sounds crazy, right? Now, let’s get to the point of why and how! Chewing your food the right way has a lot of magic. Right from losing weight and to make sure the nutrient


Text neck, slumped posture, chronic low back pain, stiff legs, achy hips - it’s not uncommon to see people not affected by these conditions, thanks to the modern gadgets, cell phone, tablet, or other wireless devices that we use frequently and for too long. To make matters worse, most of you have the sedentary desk jobs! And if you have one, the job can be a pain in your neck. The truth is that our bodies are designed to stand and move, not to sit for a third of our lives. Most of us tend to ignore the potentially deadly impact it could inflict on us that includes hypertension, diabetes, excess body fat around the waist and abnormal cholesterol levels. Thankfully, there is a fix that can stop you from getting in a sedentary slump. All you need is a simple get-up-and-move strategy and that works! Once you take those little steps to eliminate the habits that are affecting your health, you will be baffled to see how it contributes you to become a healthy and productive


Love is all over the place today, the air feels oxygenated. At Cooey we are always in search of making simpler and better user experience . Love with Alexa was love at first sight. if you have Alexa install the skill here This is how the integration works: Smart phones changed the way world works, but have you ever wished that you could do away with your smartphone? More specifically, have you ever wished that you could get all the possible assistance without having to use a smartphone or a mobile app? Yes, the future of home automation is here! Say what you will, and you get what you want! Sounds cool, right? Yes, you read that right. The future of home automation is here! Alexa ( check CES 2017! ) Last year has been an amazing year for Amazon Alexa. Alexa is a "virtual assistant.” In more precise terms, it is a voice-activated computing concept powered by cognitive intelligence and machine learning. You ask a question and you get an answer. OR you give a c


The word, metabolism, has a bad reputation and is probably the most poorly-understood aspect of our health. Though nutrition experts have some sugar coated words about it, many are still confused about what it means and what factors influences it. So, what's the big deal? Your body has this amazing capacity to repair, grow, heal, reproduce, and stay alive, and that's why it's a big deal! Metabolism is what you get when you add up all the chemical reactions in your body. It is the rate at which the cells in your body produce energy. You need these biochemical processes to maintain life. So, when it comes to weight loss, people tend to carry this common belief. Slim people are slim because they have a higher metabolism and overweight ones have slower metabolism, but that’s rarely the case. There’s a lot happening out there. You take a look inside of a cell, there are trillions of them in your body, you have both these processes taking place all the time. Wh