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Stomach acidity plagues millions of people around the world, yet it’s one of the simplest things you can take control of using simple lifestyle changes. Human body requires acid for digestion, and there is nothing wrong with acid in your body, but the problem arises when the level of acid increase in your body all the time. Acid reflux, burping, bloating, flatulence, etc. these are all different forms acidity. If they are not handled properly at the right time, it can cause innumerable ailments such as cancer, diabetes, inability to lose weight, poor skin quality.  Every cell in your body requires oxygen for health of your cell! When you have acidity, the oxygen does not reach your cell completely and your cells are deprived of oxygen which is the vital force you have disease. And most of us choose to take antacid to kill this uncomfortable feeling and that may not be your best bet, because you may become immune to it and you end up taking higher dosage, at frequent intervals


Cholesterol is one of the most common household names today! For long, the eggs, saturated fats, animal fat have been attributed as the number one cause of heart disease! What if these had no connection to heart disease, strokes, and cardiovascular disease?  So, what’s the truth behind this great cholesterol myth?  As a matter of fact, 75% of cholesterol is produced by your liver and your body requires cholesterol for so many different functions. Right from repairing cell, to grow new cell membrane, production of vitamin D, production of other hormones - cholesterol is required for good health, it’s required for your memory. it’s required for neurological health, and there are connections to low cholesterol to alzheimer’s; cancer, parkinson’s disease, diabetes, neuromuscular pains, joint pains, bloating, inability to lose weight, and a host of other factors. Does cholesterol lead to heart attack? Absolutely not! Heart attacks occur due to inflammation in your art


Your success is dependent upon scrutinising your own life and so is your healing as a patient.  You heal not when you have the best doctors, but when you have good doctors and most importantly when you take up personal responsibility & accountability of your own health and own bodies.  Unfortunately, in today’s world people just don’t want to take responsibility. They expect their personal trainer or nutritional expert or whoever it is to fix their health issues. Sadly, it doesn’t work that way.  But when you take up the extra responsibility of your health with right amount of coaching and right amount of advice and help, it does make a difference.  One such lifestyle tip that has been proven to work 100s of 1000s of people around the world is simple but effective exercise of maintaining a food log. Most of us would feel, "I don’t eat much sugar, chocolate or any other junk stuff, so why do I really have to…." But when you do, you will be surprised to


Protein plays a number of different roles in your body than just building strong muscles. Don’t be surprised - protein does get involved in almost all your body functions. Protein supports your immune system by fighting against infection; it coordinates chemical reactions in cells & processes between cells; protein helps in fat burning, in muscle recovery and heal cuts & wounds in your body.  It also helps transport key molecules throughout your body and fights diabetes. Protein supports metabolism and is essential for brain function as well. In short, protein is essential to your heart health and a healthy body.  Your body breaks down the protein into amino acids, and it's the amino acids that contribute to proper lean mass that gives muscle fuel and power to your cell. There are 23 amino acids of which 15 of them our body can make every single day, and the rest are called essential proteins must come from other sources, i.e., from foods that we eat.