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5 things to counter Hypoglycemia

Hypoglycemia or low blood sugar or low blood glucose, is when blood sugar have fallen below the normal levels. This is usually less than 70 mg/dl. A hypoglycemic attack should not be taken lightly as this can permanently damage your brain. Can I get Hypoglycemia? Yes. hypoglycemia (or low blood sugar) is a serious risk of any diabetic . This can happen if you have skipped a meal or snack, eaten less than usual, or been more physically active than usual. You could be at serious risk if you don’t take steps to bring glucose levels back to normal. How will I know if I have a Hypoglycemia attack?  Everyone's response to low blood sugar can be different. Hence, it’s important that you learn your own signs and symptoms when your blood glucose is low. Signs and symptoms of low blood glucose typically come on quickly and they include: Feeling shaky Being nervous or anxious Sweating, chills, clamminess Mood swings, irritability, impatience Confusion Fast heartbeat Feel

How to eat healthy & feel awesome?

Often times, we tend to associate healthy eating with living in deprivation, suffering, or a sacrifice, but in fact it’s all about making smart choices. We need to make sure that we consume food from all food groups in right quantities. A single food group is not enough to provide the essential nutrients to keep ourselves healthy. The basic food groups include whole grains, fruits, vegetables , proteins , and dairy products. Each food group has different serving size and there is a reason for doing that way. Eating a good mix of food types throughout the day not only makes you feel awesome but helps you reduce the risk of diabetes, heart disease, and cancer as well.   Image source: <a href="" title="Image from"><img src="" width="350" alt="Clipart - Old Man 2" /></a> <a href="http://cliparts.

11 hacks to squeeze in exercise into a busy day

Most of us do know that we need to exercise to stay fit and healthy , but we tend to fall back on that standard excuse - “where do I find time for it?” You know it’s super simple if you let it! Let’s take a closer look at those creative ways where you could maximise your “busy day” and burn a few extra calories and shed away a few pounds. All you need to do is discover those small movement opportunities that you can capitalise. Make it a little bit harder for you and you would know it’s worth keeping it that way!! Take advantage of all those small movement opportunities! Park your vehicle at the far end of the parking lot, take the extra few steps When buying groceries, do not bring everything together, get them in several trips  Try the same when you want to put your clothes for drying Try walking to office if it’s less than 3 km & walk as if you are late to reach a party  If more than 3 km, cycle to office & take the longest way possible! While at a mall or

Why hypertension is an invisible killer?

Hypertension or high blood pressure is often referred to as a silent killer. One can have this disease without any obvious symptoms for a very long time. Per World Health Organization (WHO) estimate, it is the single biggest risk factor for deaths worldwide. Nearly, 1.5 billion people suffer from its complications. The increasing prevalence of this disease is attributed to population growth, ageing and behavioural risk factors, such as unhealthy diet , harmful use of alcohol, lack of physical activity , excess weight and exposure to persistent stress. However, proper awareness and healthy lifestyle habits can control high blood pressure and prevent its complications. Images Source: <a href="" title="Clipart from WorldArtsMe"><img title="Funny Heart Attack Clipart" width="350" src="http


Try staying away from the hassles of modern world for a few hours and indulge in beauty of forest - perhaps, that could be the healthiest thing you could do according to Japanese Researchers.  A walk in the woods  by enjoying through the senses of sight, sound and smell could well be a healthy way to spend your weekend or a holiday.    It turns out, in Japan, the practice of Shinrin-Yoku or forest bathing, is a practice observed by about a quarter of the country.  Studies suggest time spent in green spaces can  reduce the stress  hormone cortisol and increase your immune defence system.  Positive exposure to nature creates calming neuro-psychological effects through changes in the nervous system.  Spending time around the trees, reduces stress,  lowers your blood pressure  and improves your general sense of well being. Image Source: http://all-free-downlo

You could be diabetic. You just don't know it yet!

The new estimates show an increasing trend towards younger and younger people developing diabetes , a trend that is very worrisome for future generations. If current demographic patterns continue, more than 592 million people will be affected with diabetes within a generation . image source: Source Ref - IDF Atlas

India's Retiring Workforce Becoming Younger!!

Recent survey suggests that 61% of India's working population who are 45-plus want an early retirement.  Difficulty in handling work pressure and lack of family time are prime motivators for this decision. One in five of pre-retirees fear that they won’t be able to retire fully. 71% says they cannot retire as it would make them struggle financially as they haven’t saved enough. How much of impact has our lifestyle patterns affecting this decision?