Go green with your tea

Green tea has been in the spotlight for its number of health benefits. From a weight loss aid to prevention and treatment of cancer, this great beverage has evolved into a medicinal drink that caters to a myriad of illnesses that includes heart problems, cardiovascular diseases, high cholesterol levels, rheumatoid arthritis, infection, tooth decay, and many others. Green tea contains an antioxidant called epigallocatechin-3 gallate (EGCG) which is found to be useful in treating a variety of diseases.

So, what seperates green tea from the normal black tea?

Black tea is obtained by fermenting the tea leaves. The fermentation raises the level of caffeine and tannin in it and also changes its color and flavor in the process. Whereas, for Green Tea, the tea leaves are dried or slightly steamed but not fermented. This is what makes it look green when it’s brewed.



Green tea contains less caffeine than coffee, but enough to produce an effect. It also contains the amino acid, L-theanine which can work synergistically with caffeine to improve brain function.


The catechins in green tea may inhibit the growth of bacteria, this can lower the risk of infections and lead to improvements in dental health, a lower risk of caries and reduced bad breath.


Green tea is said to delay the deterioration caused by Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Studies carried out on mice showed that green tea protected brain cells from dying and restored damaged brain cells.


Green tea apparently helps regulate glucose levels slowing the rise of blood sugar after eating. This can prevent high insulin spikes resulting in fat storage.

Green tea reduces bad cholesterol in the blood and improves the ratio of good cholesterol to bad cholesterol

In a study of 40,530 Japanese adults, those who drank the most green tea (5 or 6 cups per day) were significantly less likely to die during an 11 year period.


Men who drank more than 1.5 cups of green tea per day had a 70% lower colon cancer risk.

A meta analysis of observational studies found that women who drank the most green tea had a 22% lower risk of developing breast cancer.

One study found that men drinking green tea had a 48% lower risk of developing prostate cancer.


Lowering your death risk may be as easy as drinking green tea. Studies suggest green tea may lower LDL cholesterol and triglycerides, which could bring down your risk of death associated with heart disease and stroke.

Your Voice Control

For large part of our existence, we used body movements, hand gestures, facial expressions, and changes in our voice to communicate with each other, but as we moved on writing or text became part of our communication. Soon technology made things simpler for us, we found great utility in computers & smartphones. Then, keyboard, mouse, touchscreen all became an integral part in our day to day life.

Human interaction with machines has been the history of technology. For long, we watched the characters in Hollywood movies visualizing possibilities where humans talk to machines just as you speak with your family and friends. Lo and behold, that turned out to be a reality with the arrival of Apple’s Siri, Google assistant, and Amazon’s Alexa. With the number of installed internet of things (IoT) device units set to go past 26 billion by 2020, machine-to-machine interaction too is going to be dominated by voice.

And that’s what Maya brings to the table! Your voice-controlled personal assistant with a difference. Maya simplifies routine health monitoring tasks with simple voice commands. Voice interfaces allow its users to ask questions and receive answers through a natural dialogue.

Her functions are available to use with any device, at any time, to interact with any application. For example, you measure your blood pressure or blood sugar, all you need to do with Maya is to tell her “my blood pressure is …. or my blood sugar is …., etc.” and she does the rest, meaning by she records your health vital in the logbook of your smart phone application with the timestamp. OR if you have a device that speaks up your vitals, Maya can be configured to take that request as well.

Ninety percentage of human communication still happens through voice since it’s natural. At a normal speaking pace, an average person speaks approximately 145 words per minute. With highly optimised algorithms, Maya makes it possible for you to use voice control on your device, and obviously, it is something you could accomplish faster than how you would have done it manually. With machine learning and cognitive systems as the driving force behind this technology, it’s impact in future applications can be colossal in the days to come.

Being chronically ill can be embarrassing! Day in and day out, we do see our near and dear ones go through the painful process of logging their health vitals. It can add to the worries if you are someone who stays away from them and you realize they have done so much to take care of you and support you.

With Maya around, probably, there is much more you can accomplish to support them and help them enjoy a good quality of life. Maya empowers you with full device control in addition to using the functions in your installed applications. You need not launch a separate application to execute your voice commands. Maya wakes up to help you as you see fit, no matter where you are, what you do… and she gets the job done for you with simple voice commands.

The ability to get you answers for your routine day to day requests, especially as an elderly patient without using the traditional input methods, have made patient monitoring far too simpler and become effective means to foster strong patient-physician relationship

As these skills catch up, your voice is going to be the universal interface of your home and could well be a positive trigger for a healthier behavioural change!

For any queries on Maya-based application, please do write to needsupport@cooey.co.in

You look around and you see men, old & young alike making a beeline at the local street vendor shop. While some enjoying their paan, others indulge in a quick ‘stress-free’ smoking session! 

And these days, it’s not uncommon to see young lads take so much pride in blowing smoke rings while their` friends watch in amazement. 

It’s easy for us to keep telling people to stop smoking!

We all know smoking leads to a number of health complications. Quite a few people out there struggle and struggle to give up smoking and end up being a failure. But there are many, many things that we can help these people do to enhance their health condition. 

That doesn’t mean you have still a reason to continue smoking and enjoy the health benefits. We need to look at all available options to discourage people from smoking as it would help their own health, their family and the whole community around us.

The main ailment that is caused due to smoking is free radicals in the human body. One puff of a cigarette smoke contains up to a million different free radicals. Free radicals in the body is what gives rise to disease, low immunity and several other health problems.

One way to minimise the free radicals is by using antioxidants and you can find antioxidants in your food right from fruits & vegetables to nuts & seeds. But sometimes you need a supplement or a plant based formulation that is rich in antioxidants if you are a constant smoker.

Your red blood cell has a function of carrying oxygen from blood to all the cells in your body. We all know that oxygen is our life force; you can live without food and water for a while but we cannot live without oxygen. Oxygen is what gives energy to our cells and it is required for every single function in your body. Oxygen usually latches on to a molecule called haemoglobin in your body. This means, when you have high levels of haemoglobin, you have high amounts of oxygen reaching all cells in your body.

In other words, when you have more amount of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide latches on to the molecule called haemoglobin instead of oxygen and gets carried to cells all over the body. Too much carbon dioxide in your blood can be very toxic and deadly. This can cause shortness of breath and higher heart rate. 

The body is able to release carbon monoxide through the normal breathing process. The problem arises when you have too much of this in our body from environmental pollution and cigarette smoking.

You should know what cigarette smoke contains and how it works in your body. Nicotine found in cigarette is the most dangerous thing, and this is what reaches your lung and causes addiction. Cigarette smoke also contains tar, which is very toxic and has the function of carrying nicotine to your lungs. 

Do you really get addicted to cigarette smoking?

Wondered what actually happens when you smoke a cigarette? You are not addicted to cigarettes at all. You are addicted to body’s unconscious conditioned response to those cigarettes. Your body releases a hormone called endorphin when you smoke cigarettes; it acts as a kind of pain reliever or body stabiliser. 

Each time you smoke a cigarette, your body keeps releasing more and more endorphins. And it reaches a point where your body releases a surge of endorphins the moment you put a cigarette on your lip, and in the process you are experiencing relaxation and relief from tension. 

But, is it a good way to relax? not exactly! Actually, it’s a trick played by nicotine that is contained in cigarettes to your body. When you smoke, you are inhaling the nicotine, and in fact this causes tension and anxiety in your body. The endorphins end up masking this feeling and comes to your rescue. This relaxation could last, maybe, for about 2-3 hours and the feeling of anxious effect or tension from nicotine comes back again forcing you to go for another go at smoking. This crazy cycle gets repeated over and over again, and you become an addict to this unconscious conditioned response. 

How can you support a quitter?

Self-motivation plays a major part in quitting smoking. Listen to them and help them realise why they want to quit and be clear about it. Grab a piece of paper and on one half, jot down the reasons why they smoke and on the other half, the reasons why they need to quit. This exercise will help them have a clearer idea of what they will lose and what they will gain from stopping smoking. Try putting a circle on the most important reason for them to quit. Put this on a separate piece of paper and have it placed in such a way they can easily look at it when they need to.

They may fail at some point and start smoking again. They might feel guilty about it. It's part of the journey, don't get angry with them. Instead, tell them they can still do it and remind them of all the progress they have made.

Celebrate when they succeed - Big or Small!

Keep reminding them about the benefits how their heart and lungs would enjoy, and that their health is only going to improve in the process. 

Help them de-stress. Show them that there are plenty of other ways to relax that could be actually beneficial to their body, such as exercise and meditation. Take them for a trip to nearby forest and help them lose in the greenery, sound of birds, etc. 

Giving up smoking is the best thing one can do. The best way to enhance one's health is by replenishing the vitamins & minerals that smoking takes away from your body!

Everyday, our lungs are at constant attack from killer pollutants and microbes that get deposited from the air you inhale. Yet, we continue to ignore this important organ in our body. 

Your lung is made up of 90% space and balance 10% tissues! Diseases ranging from asthma to sinus infections are caused due to mucus that your lungs build up. Mucus builds up in your lungs as a natural defence mechanism to prevent certain bacteria and pathogens from causing issues. But this mucus causes a whole lot of other infections as well!

When you can’t breathe, nothing else matters!

One of the primary functions of your lungs is respiration. Respiration refers to the process of movement of oxygen from the outside air to the cells within tissues, and the outflow of carbon dioxide in the opposite direction which a metabolic waste gas from tissues. This is a process that allows the inflow of oxygen into your lungs and distribution to billions of cells all over your body. 

You are better off as long as you allow the respiration process to function efficiently, and for that to happen, you need clean lungs. The importance of oxygen reaching the billions of cells is completely proportionate to your immunity.

Why you should practice deep breathing?

Take a deep breath and allow your lung to expand to the fullest, and that’s the amount of oxygen you need when you breathe in. Now, if you observe closely how you breathe, you would notice that you are not breathing enough to expand your lungs to its full capacity. This shows that you take less oxygen in and remove less carbon dioxide from your body, and allow the waste gas to stay in your tissues. This compromises your cellular health. It makes your body more acidic; it doesn’t allow you to lose weight; it doesn’t allow you to heal. 

Getting in pure oxygen and removing carbon dioxide as quickly as possible is the key. In most lung disorders, you will find that the carbon dioxide levels in the body builds up and that’s what creates most of the issues. 

A healthy lung is pink and a smoker’s lung is black. Despite graphic warning, most of us continue to smoke and many more start smoking. By now, most of us know what health problems arise from smoking, with lung cancer and heart disease being the most life threatening. However, you can quit and regain healthy lungs if you are willing to stay the course.

Rejuvenate your lungs!

Regular detoxification of lungs will help in smooth functioning and  expulsion of toxins. 

So, what does it take you to clean out your lungs? 

Quit Smoking: Chemicals that you inhale through smoking interfere with your body's method of filtering air and cleaning out the lungs. Further, it irritates your lungs and causes overproduction of mucus. 

Breathe deep: To exercise the lungs, you need to inhale slowly and deeply so that the tissues oxygenate well.

Eat raw honey every day: Honey brims with antibacterial and antiseptic properties.

Get rid of mucus producing foods: Processed meat, dried & frozen convenient foods, fast foods, and dairy & non-dairy confections trigger mucus production.

Eat more alkaline foods like root vegetables, leafy greens, garlic, lemon, and raisins.

Eat sprouted seeds & nuts.

Get a massage:  It distributes lymph evenly throughout the body. It also promotes deep breathing which is essential to exercise your lungs

Drink plenty of warm water to drain out toxins

“Always bear in mind that your own resolution to success is more important than any other one thing.” Abraham Lincoln

Liver is one of the most important organs in your body. It performs innumerable functions; it processes just about everything you eat, drink, or breathe in and that amounts to over 500 different functions critical to your life. In a nutshell, it’s your body’s purification plant!

This second largest organ contributes to the healthy functioning of your body right from cleansing, by providing you with energy, fighting off infections and toxins, helping clot the blood, regulating hormones and much, much more.

Help your liver with the function of cleaning out  toxins!

It has another very, very important function; it produces bile that helps in digestion of fat. Many people, in order to lose weight, change their diet or exercise regimen. But sometimes, all you need to do is to clean your liver. When you detoxify your liver, you are helping your liver with the burden of flushing out the toxins all the time. 

Today, all of us are exposed to environmental toxins, the polluted air that we breathe, contamination and pesticides contained in the food that we eat.  In fact we are swimming in a sea of toxins, and most of the time your liver cannot cope with the burden of toxins. Therefore, if you are helping your liver with the function of cleaning out  toxins, you are taking the load of the liver, thereby allowing it to do its all the other functions which are innumerable.

Why do need to detoxify your liver?

A cleaner liver will allow your body to burn fat and lose weight much faster. When you detoxify your liver or when you do a liver cleanse, you are actually enabling the weight loss to happen much quickly. Also, when you keep your liver clean, most of the people with allergy tend to get better since allergies are caused by a liver that’s poorly functioning. With a sluggish liver, you feel tired all the time no matter how much ever you sleep or how well you eat or exercise.

Almost 40-50% of your body function changes post doing this cleanse, and you feel fantastic after doing it.

Your liver produces bile and you gallbladder stores bile. Every time you eat meal which has contains fat, your gallbladder squeezes out bile and this bile is used to digest fat. When you have proper breakdown of fat, you allow the absorption of omega-3, omega-6, and most of the fat soluble vitamins like A,D, E, and K that are vital for your immunity, vital for weight loss and vital for your overall health. So, if you have a poorly functioning liver, it’s not producing enough of bile or your bile is getting blocked because of something called gallstones (calcified deposits of cholesterol & bile salts). This means you don’t digest fat correctly and fat accumulates in your body, you become vitamin deficient, you have low immunity, and your cholesterol level tend to go higher. 

How it helps you to take control of your diabetes?

The bile ducts can get clogged over years with waste materials because of the toxins we consume. Now, the bile starts to find new pathways to enter, it uses the pancreas and irritates your pancreas causing inflammation. When you have inflammation in your pancreas, it cannot produce enough insulin and you get diabetes. This means, sometimes just by cleaning out your liver can make your blood sugar level to go down. 

Help your liver to flush out toxins from your body!

We are all consuming lots of processed foods along with preservatives & additives on a daily basis and then there is the environmental pollution. Without the liver, your body would not be able to absorb nutrients from foods. 

So, to flush out toxins from your body, try including these foods into your regular diet. 
  • Turmeric: It’s known as a very powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. It helps in protecting your bile duct.
  • Garlic: It’s loaded with so many powerful benefits for your liver.
  • Leafy Green Veggies: They neutralise chemicals, metals, and pesticides.
  • Beetroot: They help in cleansing and purifying your blood.
  • Cauliflower & Broccoli: They help in the production of enzymes that aid in removing toxins.
  • Avocado: This superfood is rich in glutathione, vitamin C and vitamin E; helps protect liver cells against damage.
  • Walnuts: It plays an important role in the detoxification of ammonia.
  • Grapefruit: It contains high amounts of vitamin C and glutathione 

You can detox your liver emotionally as well! 

According to ancient Chinese medicine, the emotions you experience directly affect certain organs. When it comes to cleansing your liver, these four toxic emotions, viz., frustration, unforgiveness, resentment, and anger can directly affect your liver and literally cause to shut down the liver. 

Emotional detoxification of liver

Grab a piece of paper and list down all the people you want to forgive. Another important thing you can do is to practice gratitude and build joy in your life - say “I am grateful for….”

Do not keep bad emotions inside, work with someone close to you and get rid of them!

Dementia is an umbrella term that describes a large group of symptoms that are caused by diseases that affect the brain. It is caused by loss of nerve cells in the brain. This is a progressive medical condition and naturally gets worse. This happens when brain cells starts dying which isn’t replaced, and as more and more cells die, you lose your brain structure and function, and your ability to think clearly is lost.

People can be affected by dementia in many different ways, depending on the area of the brain affected. Some type of dementias that are caused by reactions to medications or vitamin deficiencies, might improve with treatment.

It’s a terrible illness where you could see the affected person go from being very active to being bedridden.

Generally with dementia, a person's consciousness is not affected. Therefore, the diagnosis requires a change from a person's usual mental functioning and a greater decline than one would expect due to ageing.

Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia which makes up 50% to 70% of cases.

Symptoms to watch out for:
  • Difficulty remembering things
  • Trouble planning & problem solving
  • Daily tasks are a challenge
  • Times & places are confusing
  • Changes in vision
  • Words & conversations are frustrating
  • You lose things
  • Lapse in judgement
  • Social withdrawal
  • Mood changes

There are many factors that could eventually lead to dementia. 

Some of them can be beyond your control, and they include factors, such as age; family history; Down syndrome; mild cognitive impairment. 

While some can be addressed to reduce your risk, viz., heavy alcohol use, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, depression, diabetes, smoking, and sleep apnea.

During initial stages, several of these dementia symptoms and behaviour problems might be treated with nondrug approaches, such as occupational therapy, modification of environment where the affected live, monitoring systems that can alert if the person with dementia wanders, breaking down tasks into easier steps with a focus on success and NOT failure and reduce confusion.

Other useful remedies include music therapy, pet therapy, aromatherapy, massage therapy, and art therapy.

Improve Your Brain Health By:
  • Eliminating simple carbohydrates
  • Eliminating gluten & processed food
  • Increasing vegetables, fruits & non-farmed fish in your diet
  • Reducing stress with yoga & meditation
  • Getting adequate sleep of 7-8 hours per night
  • Taking vitamin B12, vitamin D, CoQ10, & fish oil each day
  • Fasting for a minimum of 12 hours between dinner & breakfast
  • Exercising for a minimum of 30 min, 4-6 days per week
Respect & empathise with their emotions!

A lack of social stimulation is harmful for people living with dementia. It exaggerates the impact of the condition, can lead to depression and it encourages the person to withdraw into themselves.

Although dementia causes the loss of some abilities for the affected, their feelings remain intact and it’s essential to respect & empathise with their emotions.

Caring and supportive relationships help people to cope with the difficult experience of living with advancing dementia.

“Those with dementia are still people; they still have stories; they still have character; they are all individuals; they are all unique. They just need to be interacted with on a human level.”

Carey Mulligan 

It's how you carry it!

India is home to about 200 million adults with high blood pressure or hypertension, according to a latest study while globally the number of people with high blood pressure has reached 1.13 billion.

Can high blood pressure be reversed?

You have high blood pressure and you have been advised to lower it in order to avoid the serious complications that high blood pressure can cause.

If it’s not handled properly at the right time in the right way, it could lead to many different complications to your health. Sadly, today when you are diagnosed with high blood pressure, you are immediately put on antihypertensive medication and you hear that you need to be on it for lifetime. 

This wrong piece of advice could discourage you to realise the effect of lifestyle or dietary change recommendations that could potentially help you to come off of the drug that you are on. Doesn’t mean that you should never take any medication when you are diagnosed with hypertension. 

Regulate your lifestyle!

But lifestyle modification can certainly help you get off the medication in a safe way. It's about bringing in some change. Change the way you eat; the way you move; the way you sleep; the way you think  - these little efforts can go a long way in reversing many diseases that you suffer from today which includes hypertension as well. The human body is designed to heal itself. 

You really got to regulate what you eat, the amount of what you eat and be conscious of what contains in each food you consume. 

Every single moment, your heart works hard to pump blood through your arteries and veins, to make sure the oxygen, nutrients that your body needs are delivered. High blood pressure or hypertension can be causing damage to your body for years before you experience any discernible symptoms. It might leave you with a permanent disability, a poor quality of life or even a fatal heart attack if you fail to take control of it. The only way to know if you have high blood pressure is to have it checked regularly. Uncontrolled high blood pressure can damage your heart in a number of ways. 

Toxins in the food we eat and the air we breathe, sugar & excess consumption of salt cause inflammation in your arteries which makes the arteries to become narrower. What also narrows these arteries is the buildup of plaque on the walls of your arteries. When this happens the pressure builds up and makes your heart to work harder to pump the blood through the arteries. Smoking, overweight, lack of physical activity, sedentary lifestyle, too much of salt in your food, too much of alcohol consumption, chronic stress - all these can lead to high blood pressure. 

As you age in an unhealthy body that’s not been active or not been looked after properly can contribute to high blood pressure. Genetics/family history, diabetes, chronic kidney disease, thyroid problems, sleep apnea can also contribute to high blood pressure. 

Understand deficiency in your body & act on it!

People who get moving are often able to reduce the number of hypertension medications they’re on. Pick up an activity you like, viz., walking, running, swimming, cycling, but make sure you stick with it.

You are told to cut down salt intake to control your high blood pressure, but many aren’t aware of the benefits of potassium, which counters sodium’s ill effects. Bananas are a good source of it!

De-stress - yoga and pranayama is a great de-stressor and can have significant impact on your control of high blood pressure.

Correct your vitamin D3 levels. Studies have shown that there is a relation between vitamin D levels in your body and hypertension. Those who have higher vitamin D tend to have lower blood pressure. 

Intake of nutrients such as magnesium and calcium and optimising levels of it in your body can also help reduce hypertension. 

Quit smoking if you do; lose weight; drinking too much alcohol can too elevate your blood pressure.

There you go, you do have the ability to actually repair your arteries and reduce your high blood pressure. These simple modifications can help get your blood pressure back into a healthy range. 

Remember every medicine that you put in your body has a side effect. 

Love your life and enjoy it to the fullest!

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